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AFT Pharmaceuticals’ completes another 3 deals: Painkiller Maxigesic IV® is now licensed in Mexico together with Maxigesic® tablets in Switzerland and Cyprus


AFT Pharmaceuticals (‘AFT’) has further extended its strong partnership with the Mexican company, Laboratories Expanscience Mexico SA (‘Expanscience Mexico’) to out-license its patented combination painkiller, Maxigesic IV, to Mexico. 

Maxigesic IV (Paracetamol 1000mg+ Ibuprofen 300mg solution for infusion) has been developed as a line extension to Maxigesic tablets, for use post-operatively in hospitals where patients cannot take an oral medicine. A major Phase 3 clinical trial conducted in Texas and Maryland USA found that Maxigesic IV provided significantly better pain relief than either paracetamol (acetaminophen) IV or ibuprofen IV alone in the same doses. *

Expanscience Mexico is a wholly owned subsidiary of privately-owned French pharmaceutical company, Laboratoires Expanscience S.A. (‘Expanscience’) which already holds the French rights for the Maxigesic oral range.

AFT Managing Director, Dr Hartley Atkinson, says that he is very pleased to further extend the company’s partnership with Expanscience Mexico who will be commercializing the oral product line of Maxigesic product which includes tablets, oral liquid, Maxigesic Rapid and dry powder sachets in Mexico. “With a population of 129 million (2017) we believe that Mexico represents great potential for the whole product line including now Maxigesic IV” said Dr Atkinson.

AFT secures a further two countries in Europe

AFT’s focus on the significant European market, has advanced by securing new Licensee partners in two new countries, both Switzerland and Cyprus.

In Switzerland where the total analgesic market size is US $ 176M**, a significant local Swiss company will drive the registration and launch of Maxigesic tablets in this market.

In Cyprus, Maxigesic tablets has been licensed to Medochemie. Maxigesic Tablets has recently attained registration in Cyprus.

Further licensing agreements pending

“As indicated in our recent February shareholder update, we have a number of transactions underway. It’s great to finalise a further three agreements but multiple discussions are ongoing and we expect to conclude further agreements soon” said Dr Atkinson.

Maxigesic IV launches starting this new FY20 financial year

 The first launches of Maxigesic IV are projected to start from the end of the calendar year. Importantly these first launches will also allow additional regulatory filings in a number of other territories including Mexico which rely upon registration by key regulators such as the TGA in Australia.

Maxigesic tablet new launches accelerating

“We are progressing launches in a further 13 countries presently with Maxigesic tablet stock orders shipped or under manufacture which will further increase International revenues in FY20. This includes a number of significant EU markets such as France, Spain, Belgium and the Nordics” said Dr Atkinson.

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