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A healthy and resilient world needs biotech innovation

The COVID-19 crisis has delivered a devastating blow to every segment of our society, and our nation’s agriculture sector is no exception, says Ryan F. Quarles (Kentucky Agriculture Commissioner and President of the National Association of State Departments of Agriculture (NASDA)). While New Zealand may be known for its agricultural innovation, unfortunately, because of our strict regulatory system for animal agriculture, environmental and industrial science, this has meant we are not able to keep pace with the rest of the world.  

As part of the BioTechNZ strategy, it is key to showcase the biotech companies, and highlight how this technology can protect the health of our livestock, enhance human health, safeguard our economy, and strengthen our systems for preventing and responding to future outbreaks. 

BioTechNZ Strategic Planning

Last week, 34 BioTechNZ members including our Executive Council attended the BioTechNZ strategic planning session. Here, we broke into three streams; human, agriculture and environmental/industrial, and a lot of great ideas came through. We will now pull together the common thread across the three areas to ensure we deliver value to our members while working alongside businesses to grow the sector. Some common themes that came through included: 

  1. Our diverse membership is a strength.
  2. To become a powerful voice and raise awareness of the industry we should realise the importance of ‘storytelling’.
  3. Collaboration is key to bringing people together and speaking as one voice.
  4. Drive towards a clear biotech/bioeconomy strategy.
  5. Supporting growth of translational science and research.
  6. Education around genetic modification.

Once completed, the strategic plan will be made available on the BioTechNZ website.

Aotearoa New Zealand Boosted By Biotech,
Innovating for a Sustainable Future

We are on track to publish the BiotechNZ report in November 2020. This will feature a two page infographic (similar to this one) including logos of the biotech sector. 

Biotech Sector Infographic

If your company would like to be included in the infographic, please send through a high resolution version of your logo to – please note, no action is required from you as we already have your logos on file.

 MedCan Summit 2020, 9 -10 November

Only six weeks until MedCan 2020 Summit! Due to the uncertainty around COVID Alert Levels, we have been working on two agendas, and the forum and guest size will be dependent on what Alert Level Auckland is at in November. 

While the summit has officially sold out, we are hoping that we will still be in Alert Level 1 by early November and the summit dates, meaning we can increase attendee numbers. If you’re not registered but want to attend, join the waiting list today as additional delegates will be added on a first signed up first in basis.

MedCan Webinar

Breakfast session 7:30-8:30am

“Understanding of the medical cannabis market versus
the adult-use/recreational model”

Mara Gordon is a cannabis advocate, entrepreneur, and researcher. She has harnessed from her background as a process engineer to create therapeutic dosing regimens for thousands of patients around the world, drastically improving their health, quality of life and longevity.

Mara co-founded Californian based company Aunt Zelda’s. Back in 2011, Aunt Zelda’s operated as a collective, bringing bespoke cannabis formulations to patients. As additional regulations were introduced in California, Mara standardised her most popular therapeutic oil blends, making them commercially available to patients through the respected Aunt Zelda’s brand.

Date: Thursday 15 October 2020
Time: 7:30am- 8:30am
Cost: Free to attend

Stay safe,

Zahra Champion
Executive Director

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