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Stand up and be counted


There is a lot happening in the biotech space, not least what is highlighted below.    

Watch the global trends for gene technologies unfold around the world

Around the globe the growth in genetically modified (GM) crops is beginning to accelerate. Almost 200 million hectares of GM crops were planted in 2019 (ISAAA).

Across the ditch almost all of Australia’s cotton is GM, but only 20 percent of the national canola crop has been switched over. However, NSW has just lifted the 18-year-old ban on genetically modified crops. The biotech sector is hailing the move as a “great step forward” and will see GM safflower production escalate too.

Biotech companies, stand up and be counted!

Our Biotech Report, AOTEAROA NEW ZEALAND BOOSTED BY BIOTECH, Innovating for a Sustainable Future, published late last year, identified that Stats NZ does not collect any data that measures the growth of New Zealand biotech companies and the impact the sector has on the New Zealand economy. I encourage you to sign up to the following two initiatives, Scale-Up and the 2021 TIN Survey. It’s a step in the right direction, and at the very least will provide momentum for the biotech sector. These two organisations can collect the data and report on the scale of the biotech sector, the breadth of work being undertaken, and the needs going forward.


Sign up and be a part of New Zealand’s most innovative business community. Accelerate at Scale-Up NZ. This is a free platform to help you gauge the market, foster opportunity and make connections. Sign-up here


Technology Investment Network (TIN) is rolling out its annual survey of New Zealand’s tech export sector this week, seeking crucial data that will measure and analyse the local sector’s performance and growth through the global challenges of the past financial year under COVID-19. It is key that our biotech community is recognised within the tech sector, but it will enable TIN to code our companies correctly and the data will enable us to track the biotech sector over time, as currently we have no mechanism to collect this data.

If your company already meets these criteria or is aspiring to meet these criteria and you’re interested in being included on the TIN database, click here and request the form to register. You can also email TIN directly at

BioTechNZ Member Connect Event 

BioTechNZ and AgriTechNZ are joining forces to start a discussion on the technologies that world innovators are developing to drive new food systems. Join us to hear about the role of cellular agriculture and gene editing.

Cellular Agriculture: The future of our food needs everything we’ve got

Date: Wednesday 4th August
Time: 3:30pm – 6:30pm
Location: This event is physical only – The Factory, 21 Dairy Farm Road, Palmerston North
Cost: Free (non-members $35) 
Register Now

MedCan Summit 2021
12-13 October

New Zealand’s medicinal cannabis summit is returning! The summit has been designed to create more in-depth conversations and discussions to further progress our medicinal cannabis industry.
Register and pay before 5pm 31 August 2021 to get the early bird rate.
Register Now

BBC –  Nature’s Building Blocks

The BBC went live last month with its series about Nature’s Building Blocks. Check out the stories of how innovating with nature’s building blocks is changing the world around us every day.

Have a great July, and stay safe.

Zahra Champion
Executive Director

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