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BioTechNZ Annual Meeting and Executive Council Elections 2022

BioTech New Zealand (BioTechNZ) has grown significantly since our alliance with  New Zealand Tech Alliance in July 2018. As a membership-based organisation, BioTechNZ is run by an elected Executive Council and voting is now underway. There are seven positions to be appointed in 2022.

BioTechNZ connects innovators, investors, regulators, researchers, social entrepreneurs and interested public.  We are a neutral centre of gravity for discussion, debate, policy development and collaboration around biotechnology in New Zealand.

To continue building on our success, it is critical to have the drive and support of a purposeful Executive Council that reflects the diversity of the community we support.

BioTechNZ Executive Council roles and responsibilities include:

  • Direct and supervise the business and affairs of BioTechNZ. 
  • Attend bimonthly (once every two months) Executive Council meetings, usually one and a half hours in duration.  
  • Represent BioTechNZ at industry events and as part of delegations to Government and other key stakeholders. 
  • Assist with managing and securing members of BioTechNZ. 
  • Participate in BioTechNZ working groups and projects. 
  • Where agreed by the Executive Council, act as a spokesperson for BioTechNZ on particular issues relating to working groups or projects. 
  • Be a vocal advocate of BioTechNZ. 

Executive Council Nominations

Nominations for a role on the BioTechNZ Executive Council are now closed.

Online Voting

This year we have elections for the following positions:

  • Corporate – Major:  2 positions
  • Corporate – Other:  1 position
  • SMEs & Start-ups:  2 positions
  • Education: 1 position
  • Government: 1 position

Voting is now underway. Voting closes on 7 September, so members should make sure their primary membership contact person casts a vote. 

Primary contacts of each organisation have received their voting information via email. The results will be announced at the Annual Meeting, on 20 September 2022. Please see the Charter for an outline of Executive Council membership and election process.

Annual Meeting Details

The Annual Meeting is scheduled for 20 September 2022 and is to be held via tele/video conference. You can register to attend here.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact 

BioTechNZ Our aim is to raise awareness and increase the understanding to enable our nation to embrace the best opportunities biotech offers to us daily, helping us live better, healthier and more productive lives.