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Life Sciences Summit 2024: True science, real change

Our inaugural Summit was a huge success, and we can’t wait to reconnect at Aotearoa New Zealand’s 2024 Life Science Summit – True science, real change.

It’s time to save the date for 11-12 March, 2024.  Schedule it now and join us at Tākina Wellington Convention and Exhibition Centre. 

We’re delighted to share an unmissable two days of keynotes, panel discussions and networking opportunities featuring local and international biotech thought leaders.

We’re uniting the life sciences community to showcase the scale of our high impact sector, and highlighting the value of life sciences solutions, solving some of the world’s biggest challenges.

Stay tuned for keynote speaker and programme announcements.

Meet our hall of fame

During the inaugural Life Sciences Summit 2023, we recognised special individuals who have worked tirelessly within the biotech sector and have made a significant difference to individuals, companies and Aotearoa.

Programme highlights

  • Global thought leadership and expert industry insights.
  • Showcasing current research, new innovation and commercialisation opportunities.
  • Updates on Government initiatives including Wellington Science City and Te Ara Paerangi Future Pathways.

The power of local knowledge

Ahead of her keynote presentation at the Life Sciences Summit, Clare Bradley shared AgriSea’s success story. In case you missed it, catch up now.

The Life Sciences Summit 2024 would not be possible without the support of: 


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