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About BioTechNZ

BioTech New Zealand (BioTechNZ) is a membership association that connects researchers, biotech innovators, investors, regulators, government agencies and the supporting companies both nationally and internationally.  

BioTechNZ brings together the historical biotechnology association, NZBIO, within the
supporting framework of the New Zealand Tech Alliance.

Our members are a passionate community that are combining science and technology to solve some of both New Zealand’s and the world’s agricultural, environmental and health issues.

It is the aim of our membership to promote, cultivate and nurture New Zealand’s life sciences. As our strength in life sciences accumulates so does our economy grow, a high wage sector, and become a major contributor to our planet’s sustainability.

About this manifesto

BioTechNZ supports the NZTech manifesto, which outlines specific areas the Government should focus on to enable and grow Aotearoa as a Digital Nation. These actions are aligned with the Digital Tech ITP.

Key Focus for the Incoming Government

BioTechNZ also believes there are specific areas the Government should focus on to maximise biotechnology and technology for the benefit of New Zealanders.


  • Support biotechnology through modifying New Zealand’s genetic modification laws;
  • Support companies using these biotechnology tools to create sustainable innovations by enabling more efficient resource utilisation, minimising waste, and offering bio-based alternatives to new and existing chemicals and materials.

Growing exports

  • Support an internationally competitive sector through investment and incentives, and showcasing to the world;
  • Provide funding to support the commercialisation of biotechnology research;
  • Support the use of biotechnology to increase the value of agriculture, horticulture, renewables, and healthcare exports.

Lifting productivity

  • Leverage the use of biotechnology to transform the economy, lift the performance of New Zealand 
  • industries, and create high-value jobs;
  • Use new technologies to build a vibrant scientific community that will help retain and attract international funding and talent;
  • Invest in enabling tools for the sector, including gene technology tools and equipment such bioreactors and GMP laboratories;
  • Invest in biotechnology research to add value to a range of New Zealand industries; and
  • Collect biotech data so that we can measure and understand the sector.
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