Participate in the AgriBioTech eco-system to help drive a more sustainable and productive primary sector in New Zealand boosted by biotechnology

The continuous and rapid advancement of new technology makes this an exciting time.

Join BioTechNZ to join the AgriBioTech community and you’ll be joining an eco-system of biotech companies, agribusinesses and research organisations to participate in driving the adoption of new and innovative biotechnologies to help grow a sustainable and productive primary sector.


Our core purpose is to help create a more sustainable and productive primary sector in New Zealand underpinned by biotechnology. To do this we:


  • Bringing together the people, organisations, agencies and industry bodies that are passionate about the potential for the New Zealand bio-economy.


  • Promoting the importance of biotechnology for the sustainability and productivity of the New Zealand primary sector.
  • Collaborating to help raise the public’s awareness of the importance of biotechnologies such as gene editing for New Zealand’s future.
  • Highlighting the opportunities of Agri-Biotech to a new generation of students and innovators.


  • Helping lift government understanding about the importance and safety of agri-biotechnologies.
  • Working with the government to help update regulation around gene editing and other biotechnologies to enable a more sustainable and productive New Zealand primary sector.


  • Consulted on and submitted to the Hazardous Substances and New Organisms (Hazardous Substances Assessments) Amendment Bill (closed). – Followed up presenting to the Environmental Select Committee, 4th November 2021.
  • Submitted on Help us innovate and shape the future of biodiversity regarding on how emerging technologies can help New Zealand’s biodiversity thrive (closed).
  • Consulting on and submitting to the Government’s Emissions Reduction Plan to highlight importance of biotechnologies to help our response to climate change.
  • Consulting on and submitting to the Government’s Waste Reduction Strategy.
  • Proposal P1055 – Definitions for gene technology and new breeding techniques ( -Consultation will close on 3 December 2021,
  • Lifting the conversation around gene editing, its safety and its potential for supporting a sustainable and productive bio-economy in New Zealand.



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AgriBioTechNZ Working Group Chair

  • Greg Pringle – Senior Commercialisation Manager – Plant and Food Research

AgriBioTechNZ Working Group Co-Chair

AgriBioTechNZ Working Group


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