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2035 Agri-Food-Tech Oceania Summit

‘Climate change is no longer some distant risk to future generations. It is here and now.’

The 2035 Oceania Summit has been designed to enable the  region’s scientific & research community, its industry leaders, agribusiness & agritech companies, farmers & growers, regulators and policy makers to meet and discuss how agrifood tech innovation and on-farm application can help address the existential threat posed by climate change.

Agriculture and the agrifood supply chain provide a significant contribution to the region’s greenhouse gas emissions. The 2035 Oceania Summit will focus on the role that agrifood tech will play in supporting farmers and growers reduce emissions to net zero, as well as build more resilient growing systems to address the ongoing impact of a rapidly changing climate.

About the summit

In Australia, the Climate Targets Panel says that Australia should be aiming to reach net zero emissions as early as 2035. In New Zealand, the Climate Change Commission has submitted to government its recommendations for reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Across wider Oceania, climate change has had, and will continue to have, profound ramifications for the people living in the region.

The Summit will feature regional and international keynote speakers, breakout panels with domain experts, an exhibition showcasing current research being undertaken across the region, a startup hub with a pitch event to global investors, as well as extensive networking opportunities.

Who should attend

The 2035 Oceania Summit provides the platform for a wide cross-section of professionals to meet, network and collaborate on the emerging agrifood technologies that can help farmers and growers reduce their greenhouse gas footprint and deliver global impact.

These include;

  • R&D Specialists
  • Agribusiness Leaders
  • Farmers and Growers
  • Start-up Entrepreneurs
  • Software developers & systems integrators
  • Investors
  • Government Representatives
  • Policy Makers
  • Environmental Experts
  • Compliance Officers


Check out the lists of speakers and Summit Steering committee here 

Are you ready to step up and make a difference?

A panel of global judges will ask the hard questions. An audience of invited venture and impact investors will ask theirs. Post COP26, the world is looking to you to take a leadership position by delivering real action.

We believe the region’s start-up community holds the key to delivering real change. Whilst our scientific community and major agribusinesses are working hard to develop new technologies to reduce emissions, history has shown that it is the start-up entrepreneur that will often deliver the most disruptive and impactful solution.

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Apr 26 - Apr 27
8:00 am - 5:00 pm
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