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Live Webinar: Innovations in Chemical Synthesis: Continuous Flow, Electrochemistry & Catalysis

Curious to learn more about discovering new chemical reactions and new technologies?

Join us to explore some innovative methods in organic, organometallic and bioorganic chemistry, with applications in medicinal chemistry and chemical biology. Advances in chemical synthesis are driven by the need for new tools which improve the efficiency of synthesis and the challenge to discover new reactions that are of broad strategic value.

This webinar will explore innovations across photocatalysis, transition metal catalysis and electrochemistry. Hosted by Merck Life Science ANZ, this exciting event features three Australian Chemistry Leaders:

  • Dr. Lara Malins (Research School of Chemistry, Australian National University) will discuss “electro-bioorganic” synthesis as a powerful platform for advances in method development and the modification of complex biomolecules
  • Dr Anastasios (Tash) Polyzos (Director, ARC Training Centre & Senior Lecturer – School of Chemistry, University of Melbourne) will present on Visible Light Photocatalysis: New Strategies in Bond Construction
  • Prof Philip W. H. Chan (School of Chemistry Monash University) will present on state-of-the-art tools developed in his group to tackle synthetic challenges of current interest in academia and industry


Oct 27
12:30 pm - 1:45 pm
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