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Christmas is coming!

We’re on the final countdown to Christmas, just 18 days until 25 December, so what is left on your to-do-list? 

BioTechNZ’s big year end sprint

BioTechNZ has now passed 100 members! Please check our members page regularly to stay updated with our biotech community. 
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New Zealand biotech companies stand out

This month was another great month for our biotech companies. BioTechNZ ran a very successful workshop in Wellington last week - Accelerating Crop Bioprotectant Development from New Zealand - with 50+ people in attendance. As well, the BioTechNZ Executive Council has been out and about talking to Government ministers about the role of biotech in New Zealand (traditional to modern biotech). 
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Rebuild your networking muscles: biotech events ahead

After more than two years of making connections via Zoom, members are eager to reconnect face-to-face and move around New Zealand and internationally. The border opening will greatly accelerate the change.
BIOTechNZ News

The modern biotechnology toolbox

I have been talking to media over the last month as there is a lot of interest around the outdated gene regulations in New Zealand, with the common theme “should New Zealand start having the discussion?”